Why a coconut?

Because you can send them as  mail and it's much cooler than a letter. They will be in a box, so it will be protected. The painting or decorations will not get any scratch at all. And they will last more than 20 yeas! 

Here's what people are saying about their coconut cards:

"I just sent you another order to send the same kind of coconut to my

I loved the ones you sent already, they turned out fabulous!! Thank
you so much!!!"

~Beth B.

"Hi, a few months back I ordered a coconut for my granddaughter for her birthday, She loved it. So I'm ordering one for my Great Niece."

~Precilla O.


 "Wow….we got your holiday card yesterday….that’s the most festive and creative holiday card we’ve ever seen!  What a fabulous idea…they are a huge hit on this side.  We got  the island vibe when we saw it!"

~Stephanie W.

"Dear Naomi: Our doggienut arrived today and we are so thrilled. As an attorney I have no artistic vision, and at the marketplace I could only think of adding 2 flowers next to our dogs. You creation is a work of art and so much nicer than I had imagined. A very satisfied customer. Sincerely,"

∼Richard L.


Mahalo for surporting Coconut postcards!



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