Confucius say, one who lives happy lives long.

I see many long and happy years ahead.

You will eat a lot more cake in your lifetime.

The longer you live, the wiser you get.T

he longer you live, the more shoes you get to buy.

The longer you live, the more taxes you get to pay.

The longer you live, the more joy you bring to the world.

The longer you live, the more likely it is that your children will move back home.

Feel Better

Confucius say, sunny skies ahead.

Health, wealth and happiness are in your future.

You will live a long and healthy life.

One needs the rain for the rainbow to appear.Love keeps you healthy.

Love and laughter are the best medicine.

Love Fortunes

Your life brings joy to another person.

You are the sun that brightens another's world.

Your eyes are mirrors to another's soul.

You are the flame that burns another's candle.

Your joy runneth over into another's cup.

You are the beating in another's heart.

Your love will endure for a lifetime.

Someone somewhere loves you more than any other.

You are the sun and the moon in another's sky.

You will find love in unexpected places, like a coconut.

Love is knocking on your door. Don't be afraid to open it.

You are destined to be happy in marriage.

Senders of coconuts make good mates.

Humorous Fortunes

You will be visited by an alien soon.

You can color your hair, but not your heart.

You will ride a unicycle in a circus.

A clown named Bozo will teach you an important life's lesson.

You will be plagued by thoughts of empty mini-bars.

It is easier to collect shoes than friends.

Don't climb on the roof.

Bumpy roads ahead, wear a helmet.

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